MABS will be Approved Intermediary Service for Debt Relief Notices

Approved Intermediary Service is established in MABS to provide Debt Relief Notices under the Personal Insolvency Service


A Debt Relief Notice is  designed for people who have very low disposable income and little assets, and will allow for the write-off of qualifying debt up to €20,000, subject to a three-year supervision period.

To obtain a Debt Relief Notice, an application must be made through an Approved Intermediary. MABS will be providing an Approved Intermediary service to process applications for Debt Relief Notices

The Citizens Information Board together with MABS,  is working closely with the Insolvency Service to put the Approved Intermediary Service in place. Sixteen temporary money advice staff have been recruited to facilitate the rollout of the service within MABS.

A regionally based Approved Intermediary Service Transition Unit (AISTU) has been established and all Money Advice Co-Ordinators and one Money Advisor in each of the 51 local MABS companies around the country are being trained as Approved Intermediaries to ensure that the service will be available nationwide from the outset.